London Riots: It makes me so proud to be British :(

I have been watching the London riots on BBC Online and frankly I am dismayed by the thug-like idiotic behaviour, burning wheelie bins, cars, businesses and homes as well as attacking police, press and people on the street, looting shops and distribution centres. I wake up this morning to hear comments from some of the rioters such as “it’s the government’s fault, Conservatives, or whatever it is.”, “That’s what it’s about, showing the police we can do what we want” and “it’s the rich people, the people with businesses, that’s why all this has happened, because of the rich people!”. What a bunch of idiots, this is the message that is being sent to the world a year before the Olympics. These hooligans have are just using the police shooting of Mark Duggan for violence and looting, even more so in the case of the looting and burning of a Sony distribution centre well away for other trouble spots in Enfield, a true crime of opportunity. Mark Duggan’s friends and family have universally condemned the violence and looting, I’m sure these people do not want to see this happen as a consequence of their peaceful protest outside Tottenham police station!

In the meantime, the police seem to be doing very little from what I have seen on the BBC footage, just trying to contain the rioters instead of actively trying to arrest and/or disperse the crowds. Why are they not using plastic bullets and water cannons, the scene in London is reminiscent of Beirut, not a multicultural city like the capital. Home secretary Theresa May has been absolutely useless, just repeating herself time after time, not really answering any questions, praising the ineffectiveness of the metropolitan police. I wouldn’t be surprised to see more rioting tonight given the attitude of the thugs being interviewed on the streets of London. Rioting also broke out in Birmingham, Liverpool and Bristol, much the same scenes as we are seeing in London. Many victims of these riots have been voicing their displeasure at the police for not protecting their property and ensuring their safety! Home and business owners could only stand by and watch rioters loot and set alight their properties while law enforcement stood back and watched!

Hopefully the police will be more effective tonight with some 16,000 officers, including officers from other forces on the streets to deter rioters. But I’m not hopeful to be honest, especially if they rioters are alcohol fuelled which is like after shops and off licences have been looted!

Some people are saying these riots are caused by the lack of opportunities for young people in less affluent areas. I don’t buy into that for one second, the opportunities are there if these youths want to take them, life is what you make it. Its the same situation for everyone, there is no excuse for this sort of violence and looting. These people are criminally minded; this is just an excuse for violence. The stupid thing is that these thugs are causing their own downfall; no-one will want to invest in these areas and create jobs when the locals act like hooligans and thugs!

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