My son’s seventh birthday!

A short video of Conner driving the Rookie Karts at The Alley in Wichita, KS, notice the almighty sound of a crash at 0:49 in the video as Conner crashed into the barrier which I managed to miss on camera; I was tracking the wrong blue car! We had another ticket for the Karts but the wait was going to be another hour for four additional minutes so we went off to play some video games.

Here’s a link to the video; (I would embed but the code makes the site non-w3c-compliant)

The video games was a team effort, Conner wasn’t tall enough to reach the pedals on the driving games; so I had him on my lap steering while I controlled the pedals, we managed to come second in the NASCAR game by virtue of Conner smashing every car off the track. We also played on a motorbike racing game; again Conner needed my help with the throttle and leaning the bike into corners before getting a bite to eat in the restaurant in The Alley, which was on the only downside to the day, the food took 40 minutes from ordering, we were about to leave when the food arrived!

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