Shrewsbury 1, Plymouth Argyle 1 -::- Tottenham riots!

A decent start to the season for the Pilgrims given that it’s the first game in anger for the new Argyle squad. It’s nice to get back to football after a summer of off-the-pitch drama which is still to be resolved. Shrewsbury definitely had the better of the game being the home side but the Pilgrims put in a good performance. I have some hope for this season, previously Argyle would score first and end up losing the game but on Saturday afternoon it was different, conceding first and fighting back to claim a point. The home side struck in the 69th minute and had their chances to extend their lead but the Pilgrims defence withstood the pressure well. Carl Fletcher scored a late equaliser for the visiting team in the 90th minute to give Argyle a share of the points.

Next up; Argyle play host to Millwall at Home Park on Tuesday evening, hopefully they can start their home campaign with a win! As I said above there are some good signs from the spanking new XI that Peter Reid has built at this level of football! After that, another home tie with Rotherham on Saturday afternoon; hopefully there will be a good turn out at Home Park for both games. I’d love to be there by sadly living in the United States now, it’s somewhat of a trek to Home Park. Hopefully by the time that Saturday rolls around the sale of the club will be completed so Peter Reid and his staff can concentrate on football instead of wondering what will happen with the club!

In non football news; the riots in Tottenham, what a shambolic mess! What started off as a peaceful protest over the shooting of Mark Duggan by police on Thursday night turned into chaos. I have no issue with peaceful protests; that is the people’s democratic right but the violence is unacceptable. The trouble was started by a small group of hooligans; the ones with the hoodies on; trying to shield themselves from the BBC cameras, attacking the press trucks and police vehicles. The looting which was obviously a opportunistic crime just add to the shame. As a Brit living abroad it embarrasses me to see my fellow Britons acting like total assholes. And above everything else, it’s completely counter-productive, the shooting is being investigated by an independent body; destroying property and attacking civilians as well as police won’t help the issue. I thought in this day and age we were beyond this sort of behaviour; I guess that I thought wrong, stupid idiots!

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