With D-Day looming large… rats and sinking ships!

The deadline for the completion of sale looming very large, we still have no word from administrator Brendan Guilfoyle or Bishop Internatioanl front-man Kevin Heaney. At this point what little hope the Argyle faithful had has all but evaporated, despite all the marches and candlelight vigils. The contingency committee, basically James Brent will have their work cut out for them to complete the deal in such a short timescale after Guilfoyle delayed opening up to bids from other interested parties, which at this point is Brent & co. To add insult to injury, Stephane Zubar has left the club stating ‘personal reasons’ for his termination of contract, despite only signing on for another season a few weeks back, which if you read between the lines means he will not stand for not being paid for the ninth month in a row! I really can’t blame the player, given the lack of pay for such an extended period of time and the fact that he can’t join another club as a free agent should he be contracted to a club when the transfer period closes. The question now is; how many more will be exiting the club because of the league rules not allowing them to sign as a free agent for another club should they be contracted when the transfer window closes? Peter Reid not being able to field a full squad could be the final nail in the coffin of Plymouth Argyle. I really hope that should the club get liquidated; I hope that James Brent and/or Paul Buttivant take legal action against Administration firm P&A, Ridsdale and Heaney/BIL who in my opinion have conspired to cause the downfall of my home town football club, what a disgraceful situation!

Travelling 45 miles up the A38; Liverpool eased past Exeter City in the second round of the Carling Cup as expected, no giant killing going on this year. The visiting side won by a margin of 3 goals to one with Luis Suarez, Maxi Rodriguez and Andy Carroll all getting on the scoresheet. The only upside for Exeter was the late consolation goal from the penalty spot scored by Daniel Nardiello.

In my personal life, I went to my first job interview in ten months today for a web-designer position and I thought it went well; I know I have the skills, whether or not I fit in with the ‘personality’ of the department is the key element I believe but judging by the people that I interviewed with, I believe I will fit in well, as I did when I worked in another department for the same company. My wife also went ahead and got the spinal injection in her lower back that she had be putting off, cancelling multiple appointments for the last eight months, it turns out that it’s much less painful than the consistent pain she endured since the car accident last November. All that worrying and stressing was for nothing; and my wife gets on me about over-analysing and talking myself out of doing things, a phrase with pot, kettle and black in it springs to mind!

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