A new direction for my autistic son…

After a summer of struggling with my autistic son’s non-compliance and obsessive behaviour, we talked with my son’s psychologist who came up with some great suggestions to adjust his behaviour which we have now implemented. We have bought three whiteboards to mount around the apartment, one outside the bathroom, one in my son’s bedroom and the final one in the living room. In his bedroom and outside the bathroom, we have check lists of things he needs to do at certain points in the day and the third in the living room is a scoreboard. My son gets a ‘token’ every time he follows direction without argument; each ‘token’ earns him five minutes of computer time at the weekend. Thusfar it seems to working, my son’s attitude is much improved since we started this on Tuesday, he has earned 1hr 10mins in computer time since then, we’re hoping this’ll work long term! We’re simply trying to re-train his brain to work more like a child without autistic tendencies!

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