DAMN! College education is expensive!

I took a drive down to ITT Tech here in Wichita to investigate getting an associates degree in Computer Network Systems and was shocked at the cost; $45,000 for a course that lasts just 21 months. Of course I should be able to get financial assistance but there is no guarantee I will receive full funding, which would be the end of the road as I wouldn’t be able to pay any part of that fee up-front. I worry about being stuck with a huge debt at the end of it and still not be able to find work. I still need to get a GED which will cost even more $$$; it’s $40 just to take the ‘official practice test’ which I know I will fail as I was not educated here in the states, I’ve had a look at the course work and it’s all new to me, so will need to take classes to get upto US standard, I’m not saying that US education is superior to the UK, just different, and very much US centric. I think I will go ahead and try just to appease my wife who has been getting on my case recently about getting a US based GED/college education! If push comes to shove, I can also skip country should I not be able to get a job to pay back the $45k student loans, no income, no repayments!

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