Our dealings with the Wichita SRS office!

My wife had applied for food stamps with the Wichita SRS office about seven weeks ago and was denied about five weeks ago because our case worker at the SRS office never received the paperwork via fax despite getting a fax received confirmation. So my wife called up the case worker, who shall remain nameless (because I live in litigation nation) and agreed to send the paperwork again, which he confirmed he’d received and that he’d re-open the case, which we find out he lied about as the case was shown as still showing as rejected on their system. So another two weeks pass and we hear nothing; my wife calls the SRS case worker and leaves a message, no call back, then my wife calls and asks to speak to a supervisor, a supervisor wasn’t available so she left a message for the supervisor, again no call back from the supervisor or the case worker.

So we went down to the SRS office in downtown Wichita on Thursday to try to sort this out; first we find out as mentioned above that the case was still showing denied. They must have realised that they have messed up as a supervisor saw us with 25 minutes and apologised profusely. I wasn’t exactly subtle in my speaking about the state of the Wichita SRS office and how disgusting it is that people are getting treated like that. What had happened is that the case worker hadn’t done any work on the claim since the last phone call he answered; the evidence was received five weeks ago and it should have been dealt with within a week. The supervisor promised he would talk with the case worker’s direct supervisor and that we should hear a decision within five working days…

Update: Our dealings with the Wichita SRS office! (posted: October 10, 2011 @ 12:10)

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  • Miamillion commented on January 25, 2013 at 09:34

    They always say they haven’t received the paperwork via fax. I to have confirnnations it was received,yet they can’t find it. I have made several calls this week leaving my name and number,with out the first call back,and I can never get a human on the phone. I have jumped through every hoop,turned in everything asked. Part of the problem is that my case was shown as open,even though I have received no benefits. My work force worker told me that,but she can’t do anything to move the case along she said. They asked me to get something from my Dr. that I was unable to work,so I did. My Dr wrote a letter with all the information concerning my diagnosis. When I took it in,I was told I needed to have the Dr fill out their “official form”,further delaying everything. If that’s the case why didn’t they give me their official form at the first appointment when I was told I needed something from the DR.? I think they pull these classic stunts just to discourage people. They are suppose to be working in teams now,which is suppose to speed along the process. Even now that you don’t have a specific worker except your work worker (they make sure you have a worker for that),you can never get in touch with anyone. They are freed from answering all phone calls,and still take forever to process anything!!! They say you are suppose to have your case worrked as far as they can the day you go in and that there are no longer is a 45 day waiting period. I became terminally ill this past year,and have applied for disability. In the mean time I have applied for public assistance. I am 47 yrs old and have worked my whole life since I was 15,and paid my hard earned income into this blasted system, now that I need help, I can’t even get a human on the phone. meanwhile I am getting ready to loose my home,which I own,but rent the land it is on,all because my case sat unatended because they said they didn’t receive the stupid fax. Seems to be a common excuse for incompitence.

  • Thank you for your comment Miamillion; I understand your pain having gone through the same bullshit; our case was resolved because I was too stubborn to give into their constant avoidance tactics. Stick in there; don’t let them win; the more people that give up and let them win, the more this sort of thing will happen.

    I really do wish you the best of luck for the future!

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