School parking gives me a headache, literally!

I find myself getting increasingly wound up by the school run; if it’s not stupid drivers who should have their licences revoked, not paying attention to what is going on around them; parking badly, blocking the road for everyone else. Just this morning I came within a foot of hitting an idiot pulling out of a side road without stopping or looking for oncoming traffic, if I wasn’t paying attention to what was going on around me, it would have been a wreck. The parking system itself is pathetic; the school has more students than parking around the school. The pick up lane is a joke, I can never get into it because of the volume of traffic, I tried lining up to get in there but some stupid jobsworth forced me to move on; so around I went again for the third time, still nowhere to park, way too many no parking zones, cones put out in the road to stop anyone parking. And the most stupid thing, it’s been like this for three years, they added 60 extra student places but didn’t think about parking, bureaucrats, if they had one working brain cell, they’d be dangerous!

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