Hamilton Vs Massa: Revisited!

The now infamous incident between Ferrari’s Felipe Massa and McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton over the Singapore race weekend has had new light thrown on it. But first let’s go back to the Singapore Grand Prix; there were three incidents between the Massa and the Hamilton over the weekend.

First incident was in the final qualifying session where the pair almost came together when Hamilton attempted to pass Massa to get a clear lap. Second incident was in the race on lap 10 going into turn seven, Hamilton attempting an overtake on the Brazilian catching the right rear wheel of the Ferrari puncturing Massa’s tyre and damaging Hamilton’s front wing. Massa limped back to the pits while Hamilton completed another lap before coming in for a replacement front wing. The Briton later had to serve a drive-through penalty; being judged to have caused an avoidable accident. The third incident was after the race when Massa interrupted a Hamilton post race interview, patting him on the shoulder sarcastically saying “Good job, bro“, to which Hamilton replied “Don’t touch me, man. Don’t touch me” before walking away from the interview area.

At the time I thought it was simply a racing incident and sour grapes from Massa but after watching the official race edit, it appears that Ferrari were using Massa to slow up Hamilton to allow Fernando Alonso to gain an advantage… shades of crashgate in 2008 you could say (from an intent point of view). Massa’s race engineer Rob Smedley was recorded over the radio as saying “Hold Hamilton up as much as you can. Destroy his race as much as you can“. Surely this has to be investigated by the FIA? This shows clear intent on the part of Ferrari to deliberately hinder another driver’s race, basically blocking just like Schumacher two weeks before. Was the incident caused by Massa braking a little harder than needed as Hamilton tried to tuck in behind the Ferrari? I am no Hamilton fan but if the above scenario is the case, then Hamilton’s punishment and criticism over this incident has been wholly unfair. It does seem that Hamilton has been the scapegoat this season, he has been punished a lot this season for what would have been racing incidents not so long ago! In my opinion F1 is a shadow of it’s former self, too much nannying!

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