Now that Argyle has been sold, I can catch up on other events!

First of all, I turned 35 years of age yesterday, I didn’t really do anything to celebrate this minor event in my life, I took my son to speech therapy as I do every Thursday afternoon and did some grocery shopping, highlight of the day was watching free practice 1 & 2 at the inaugural Indian Grand Prix. I did buy myself an all-in-one printer (HP Officejet 4500 G510g-m) on Wednesday as birthday present to myself, although it’s more of a family resource than a present for me!

I also enrolled in school three weeks ago and start my first class next Wednesday, 2nd of November. I completed the assessment tests and passed with flying colours, 99% in reading and comprehension and 91% in mathematics; the later surprised me a little although the assessments were fairly basic, multiple choice answers. I only have to attend one class in person; the rest of the classes are online and will last approximately 8 weeks. Hopefully by mid January I will have my GED/HS Diploma to enable me to enrol in college at ITT technical institute to get an AS in computer networking & security, which will hopefully improve my stock in the employment market!

My wife and I have been having a number of issues with our son disrupting class in school, refusing to do as his teacher asks, talking in class constantly while others are talking and he should be listening and/or doing his school work. We know he can do it, he is highly intelligent but lacks motivation to do the work, there has been occasions where he has straight up told his teacher he doesn’t want to do it! If we reward him with game time immediately after completing home-work, he’ll finish his home-work in less than ten minutes and answer on the home-work is correct!

Just yesterday, he pushed away one of the office staff when she went to get him for me when I picked him up to go to therapy, of course he was in computer lab! At home he is not allowed to play on the PS3 or laptops if doesn’t receive all green cards for the week. This week he has been on yellow once so far and was on red twice last week. We’ve been attempting to employ a reward based system at home, being able to gain upto 25 minutes (per day) of game time at the weekend, providing he stays on green all week at school. He got into more trouble this week because he lied on his behaviour card; his teacher had talked to me unbeknown to my son telling me he was on yellow, yet he wrote he was on “G”, then changed it to “Y” after I confronted him about it, to attempt to make me look like a liar when my wife looked at the behaviour card, but didn’t do a very good job of erasing the “G” underneath, the lying make me more angry than the behaviour issue!

And finally, my wife and I have launched a website with a view to helping people in and around the Wichita area with autistic children find the help they need sooner rather than later, it took us almost two years to get help. The website is called Wichita Autism Support Project ( and offers a forum, a photo gallery for people to upload their photo’s of their family etc, information about upcoming events, documents from events in .pdf form and member blogs. Basically providing information and creating a self help community, a forum for people to talk to other like-minded people, being a parent of an autistic child can be somewhat lonely!

The downside of running is the amount of spammers I have to deal with; I have banned half dozen users and deleted another half dozen, plus there’s another two dozen that have not been validated; basically spammers that used a fake email addresses so couldn’t confirm their membership to start posting their spam. Sadly only three real members at this point but the site is brand new, we need to publicise the site more around the local area, putting flyers around etc!

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