UPDATE: Our dealings with the Wichita SRS office!

We went down to the SRS office here in Wichita, KS on Thursday 29th as outlined previously in my “Our dealings with the Wichita SRS office!” article. It is now Monday 10th October and we were told that the case will be reviewed and a decision would be made within five working days, which passed last Thursday, 6th October. And as yet, we have heard nothing from the SRS office, so it seems that nothing has been done again, it really does seem like the Wichita SRS office is as corrupt as I have been told by a number of people! We now want a new case worker as the person we got lumbered with clearly will not do the job he is paid to do, this is completely unacceptable behaviour from a government department! It maybe time to make a complaint at Federal level!

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