Debt collection agencies, why do they not listen?

Ever since leaving the United Kingdom back in October 2008 I have been getting letters at my father’s address back in the UK from debt collectors, which he has forwarded onto me here in the United States. I have responded to these letters via Email each and every time but these collection agencies do not listen to what I have to say; they simply send more letters to my father’s address or Emails to me threatening legal action if I do not pay or create a payment plan.

Bottom line here is that I don’t personally have any money and have not been able to work for 18 months now, much to my frustration. These companies, in order, O2, Lowell and Mackenzie Hall have ignored what they don’t want to hear, e.g. I have no money to pay at this time, instead they try to intimidate me with threats of legal action and visits to my father’s address to remove possessions, to which I have counter-threatened legal action against them if they do visit my 75 year old father. I have told Mackenzie Hall that because they haven’t been listening, I will delete any correspondence they send me from now on, I do not like, nor respond well to being threatened!

In other personal news, my autistic son has tested out of his occupational therapy in this round of assessments and only has two sessions remaining to make sure he doesn’t need any additional help within the OT arena. He’s now able to tie his shoelaces; even if he doesn’t want to do it, we have to prod and poke him into doing it and will simply ignore untied laces all day at school! His writing has become much better as his grip on the pencil has improved! His generally coordination has improved, but our main problem now is behaviour, which has been poor, ignoring requests from us and his teachers in school, doing whatever pops into his head instead of doing what is required, for example, drawing in school instead of doing mathematics. When we question him about it, we can’t get any sort of coherent response out of him, we are now looking at alternative schooling solutions!

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