A death in the family! R.I.P. Majel

Our pet guinea pig MajelOur pet guinea pig Majel passed away yesterday evening, she was approximately 3 1/2 to 4 years old, she was already fully grown when we bought her; and we’ve had her for three years. We buried her out the back of our apartment, it’s not strictly allowed but I couldn’t bring myself to throw a family pet in the trash, it’s just not right! I’m surprised at just how much I was affected by her death, I’ve had many small pets, hamsters, rabbits and guinea pigs over the years and I got used to the fact they simply don’t live very long. My wife was distraught at Majel’s passing, she couldn’t stop crying for over an hour, it’s the first time that she has experienced the death of a family pet. Majel will be missed, it seems very odd to not have her squeaking every time we open any packet, or when she needs water, food or simply wants some attention! The question now is whether or not we get another small pet as the kids weren’t very interested in Majel despite being bought for the kids, initially as a therapeutic thing for our autistic son. Either way, we will be waiting awhile before making a decision to but another pet!

Our new pet rabbit, KaikoWe have decided to get another pet, this time around we bought a rabbit and we have named it Kaiko (another Star Trek inspired name). I did want a rabbit originally for the kids as I know they are more young child friendly and less manic, but the pet store we visited didn’t stock rabbits for some reason I can not fathom. The reason we bought another pet is my two year old daughter was missing Majel terribly, sitting where her cage was and crying. A rabbit is much better for kids as they are more docile and will just sit on your lap and be petted, which is exactly what the doctor ordered. Our new family member seems to be settling in nicely while I try to keep the kids at bay, they want to have her running around the apartment immediately, I want to give her time to settle in; get used to her new surroundings after her transition from the store!

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