Christmas 2011

We had a good Christmas despite me feeling sick as a dog, I have a sinus infection and spent half my Christmas expelling unpleasant stuff from my nose and throat, but you don’t want to know about that, do you? So I’ll move onto the festivities, dinner and Christmas presents!

We arrived at my mother-in-laws house in the posh area of town about midday to find dinner was almost ready, I love my mother-in-laws cooking and it means I don’t have to cook! Shortly after we took my mother-in-laws’ car out to the airport to pick up my brother-in-law, its the same car as we have but ours in full of disgusting stuff that the kids have dropped in the back. Anyway, I drove the most carefully I have done in some time, didn’t want to ding my mother-in-laws pristine car.

Immediately I got bombarded with questions from my brother-in-law about creating a website, which is fine as that’s what I love to do, any chance to be creative, I take it! I spent a lot of time with my brother-in-law during the four days he was here in Wichita, mainly because he has finally bitten the bullet and got with the 21st century and bought a smartphone. I got him hooked up with all sorts of apps and tutorials on how to do this, that and the other on an Android device!

We ate dinner, which comprised of turkey, mashed garlic potatoes, sweet potatoes, greens and dressing, it was great as I expected, I had two whole plates to myself, which left me a little bloated to add to feeling sick. Then we moved onto the presents, my son, Conner went straight for the Hot Wheels Video Racer, the toy that he found beforehand. Then it was my daughter Alya’s turn, we bought her a Happy Feet 2 dancing penguin called Eric, which she absolutely adores, she has played with Eric more than any other toy since Christmas. I got a Coby Kyros MID7127 Android tablet which I picked out myself, my mother-in-law just paid for it, so it wasn’t a surprise.

Conner also got a radio controlled 4×4 off road truck. Disney Universe PS3 game, Cars 2 electronic TV game plus clothes and other small gifts. Alya got an interactive ride on scooter, a toy shopping cart for her to push around and clothes in addition to Eric! My wife was over the moon with her presents, a coat that cost as much as my tablet and a stupidly expensive Coach bag (to add to the other two in the closet) and small gifts such as Jewelry, my mother-in-law really splashed out!

I also got a $50 Best Buy card which we are going to use in addition to some cash my brother-in-law gave me for the work I will do on his website and about $70 of our own money to buy my mother-in-law a Kindle Fire. We ran out of money before Christmas so couldn’t afford to buy it then, it feels wrong to just give her a sweater after all the times she has bailed us out over the last 12 months. I know she doesn’t expect it, but we would feel better giving her a better gift!

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