Scandalous decision on Luis Suarez by the FA!

Liverpool’s Luis Suarez has been handed a £40,000 fine and a eight match ban for racially abusing French international Patrice Evra. This decision is absolutely outrageous given that it comes down to Evra’s word against Suarez’, no-one else on the field of play, including the referee, assistant referees, players on both sides and fans in the stands heard anything to corroborate Evra’s claim!

It also came out in the hearing that Evra himself had used insulting language (in Spanish) towards Suarez, let’s see if the FA charge Evra, if Suarez is charged then surely the FA can not allow Evra is go unpunished? To Suarez’ credit, he said he did not hear the insult aimed at him from Evra, he could have easily retaliated against the Frenchman with claims of counter-racism! But I am willing to bet that no punishment will be forthcoming for the Manchester United player. I feel that Suarez has been singled out for a misunderstanding because of the language barrier.

Suarez has fourteen days to appeal the decision and his match ban will not commence until after that time, but this will be a massive blow for Liverpool, the fine is a nothing amount, £40k is pocket change for a Premiership player but the match ban is excessive in my opinion. The FA wanted a scalp to blame for the racism in the game and unfortunately for Liverpool, that scalp is Luis Suarez’ Much worse offences have been committed on the field of play that has gone unpunished, well done the Football Association (that’s sarcasm, by the way), I really hope that Suarez does appeal the decision and take legal action against the FA should the appeal be denied.

Liverpool will miss Suarez should any appeal be unsuccessful, the Uruguayan is by far Liverpool’s top scorer, hitting the back of the net eight times and has been involved in creating many other goals. Suarez is as much a linchpin of the Liverpool squad as local favourite Steven Gerrard. Having the striker missing from the squad for two months could be the difference between Champions League football next season and not playing any European football, Suarez really is that influential.

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