Ouch! $2500+ tax bill due to clerical error!

We just received a letter from the IRS informing us that we owe over $2500. My wife called up the IRS and they informed her that we owe because I did not include my W2 details, we intended to file separately to maximise our refund, but TurboTax marked the 1040 as “Married, Filing Jointly” instead of “Married, Filing Separately”. I am 90% sure that we selected the “Married, Filing Separately” option from the TurboTax website but there is no way to know, 11 months later!

So we will struggle this year, needing to get some maintenance done on the car and we hoped to pay some of our debts off! But last year the extra money came in useful when buying the car after our other car was written off after being rear ended at a stop sign. Even after this years return, we could end up owing money as we didn’t have any childcare costs last year as I didn’t work at all last year. It’s just something else we could have done without, tax time is the only time of the year we have the cash to do certain things; I just hoping our return is more than what we owe!

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