Three years of marriage and Green Card conditions removed!

On Sunday, my wife and I celebrated three years of marriage, and of course being a Sunday in Kansas, there really wasn’t much open, we had a meal at PF Changs, which was very good, great service, huge portions with a free desert in aid of our anniversary only cost $55 including an $8 tip and we walked away stuffed, unlike my wife’s birthday where we ate at Gaslamp which cost much more and we walked away hungry. Afterwards we had about 90 minutes to kill before picking up the kids, so we headed downtown to find a bar to have a couple of drinks to end our evening but literally everything excerpt the movie theatre was closed so we drove around for 45 minutes before ending up at Barnes & Noble for a coffee and of course my wife found a book, dare I say she planned a trip into Barnes & Noble? I don’t mind, our anniversary only happens once a year! Then of course it was back to mundane family life, pick up the kids from my mother-in-laws house and return home to bathe the kids and put them to bed… what a glamorous life we lead!

On Saturday I received a letter from USCIS notifying my that my application to have the conditions removed from my permanent residence in the United States has been approved and that my new ‘green card’ is being fabricated and will be sent out shortly. The whole process from start (February 2009) to finish has taken just under three years, I spent two years as a conditional permanent resident, and about five months months in limbo as USCIS deliberated about whether my motives are genuine and not trying to enter the United States by methods of deceit. The whole process cost just under $2000 and I am happy that this protracted process is over and done with!

And finally on Friday we received notice that we have to pay back almost $2500 to the taxman because of clerical error on our 2010 tax return, suffice to say it’s something we could do without!

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