Damn, I need to do more studying than I thought!

It seems that the 20 years since I last attended high school level education has had more of an impact than I imagined, it’s amazing how much I have forgotten in the last 20 years. Which is massively frustrating for me as I know that many of the others that have a High School Diploma from 20 years ago have probably lost an equal amount of knowledge and their High School Diploma is still valid, I’m being penalised for not being an American who studied here! I don’t understand the importance of a High School Diploma certification 20 years after attending high school, 50% of what is learned to obtain a high school diploma is not even relevant to a chosen career path!

I don’t see how knowing chemical formulas and Algebra will help me with studying computer networking and security at associates degree level, but yet I have to relearn this bullshit to be able to progress onto something that will actually help me with finding higher value employment.

I have completed the five assessments and as expected I did poorly in mathematics, only managing 62%, this has always been a weak point of mine, hence why I decided to get into computers, no need to be good at mathematics when working with a big calculator! Reading and writing was fine, if not great, 86% and 80% respectively. My biggest disappointment was science, I thought I’d breeze through that but I only managed 55%, I know less than I thought I did, a case of must try harder. The final assessment was social studies, I achieved 64% on this subject which came as no real surprise as I didn’t grow up in the United States so don’t know all of the historical events!

At least I know what I need to study up on now, but I am deficient in more areas than I thought, so I will take a little more time to study to make sure I am ready to the GED test itself. My biggest challenge will be mathematics as I have never had much of an aptitude to do maths.

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