Stop complianing and do something about it!!!

I lost it this morning with my wife because she is constantly complaining about all these issues at work but refuses to address them. Today she came home at 10:30am and starts complaining about how she is cleaning apartments, which is he job of maintenance but they refuse to do it, so she is doing it so she doesn’t get blamed by the manager, who frankly couldn’t manage the opening of a paper bag! I told my wife to stop moaning if she isn’t going to do anything about it, she constantly let’s herself be a doormat; I was within a millimetre of driving to the leasing office to give her boss a mouthful. I know that my wife will just accept the blame and never stand up for herself!

My wife’s boss refuses to take responsibility for anything, often blaming my wife for her mistakes. The manager of the property will report that apartments are leased to the corporate office before everything is signed and sealed and then blames my wife when it doesn’t happen. Someone being interested in an apartment doesn’t mean they will actually move in, they could fail the credit check, fail the compliance check or simply decide to take an apartment in a different community!

Other things the manager will do is; pull my wife off tasks that need to be completed within a day or two to work on something that does not need to be completed for weeks; then blames my wife when the files that needed to be completed in the next few days are not complete, stating that my wife needs to work overtime to complete the files. On another occasion, a Wednesdays afternoon, my wife had half a dozen people that were due to move on Saturday and had to complete their files to enable that to happen; and the manager pulls her away to clean out of he clubhouse closet, which suffice to say wasn’t an essential task and not part of her job role, that’s housekeeping, my wife is employed as a leasing agent and my wife just takes it instead of standing her ground!

There has been occasions where the manager has slammed the door in my wife’s face, made everyone come in 6:30am (a full two hours before normal opening hours) for resident appreciation week and then doesn’t bother to turn up herself. Not to mention telling a former groundskeeper and friend of ours that had a fridge/freezer dropped on him in the course of his duties to not report the incident, something that is illegal in the state of the Kansas. I’m kinda pissed off with our friend as he didn’t sue the hell out of her and the company; it was a open/shut case, especially as he will suffer from back issues for the rest of his life, he was only 19 when it happened!

I have no idea how the manager of the apartment complex got the job, she has poor interpersonal skills, there has been people who decided to not take apartments because they didn’t like the manager’s attitude. She is totally oblivious to the fact that one of her maintenance personnel is stealing from the property, everyone knows what’s happening but the manager has her head in the sand! Also my wife is the only member of staff that didn’t get a pay raise despite her leasing a large percentage of the apartments. The manager lies to people to get them to take the job and those employees are immediately looking for another job and are usually gone in six months. The manager can not manage time, people or resources, see above for the reasons and she can not handle stress in any way, shape or form. Does this sound like the sort of person you’d want in charge of your apartment community? If I were the owner; I would have fired her a long time ago!

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