Tax penalties for uninsured under ObamaCare!

Under the new Affordable Care Act passed in May 2010, the medically uninsured will face a tax penalty if they choose to not buy medical insurance. This is part of the deal in which insurance companies would offer more affordable insurance to Americans including people with pre-existing conditions and the elderly. This is why there is a huge court case going on right now in the Supreme Court, there is an argument that forcing people into buying insurance, which is basically a commercial operation is unconstitutional and infringes on the average American’s civil rights.

The counter-argument is that if Americans are not required to buy medical insurance then the whole bill would collapse, which means the status quo of insurance companies being effectively unregulated remains. I’d rather have a choice and keep things as they are, being fined for not buying a commercial product is ridiculous. It has been compared to all Americans having to buy an American car and being fined for buying a Japanese, French or Italian car; that wouldn’t be allowed to happen so why should we be forced into buying medical insurance or face tax penalties.

Originally I thought that the health reform bill was supposedly a federally funded healthcare program, much like what exists in the UK, but I could be wrong about that, I just made that assumption without reading the actual bill. The bill as it currently stands is unworkable, a democratic government can not take away a person’s freedom of choice, who the hell do they think they are; the BBC? Most Americans won’t get that reference (if you don’t, look up TV licencing)!

Interestingly only three states, Texas, New Mexico and Florida have insurance coverage figures of over 25%, 12 states have between 20% to 24% coverage, most fall in the 10% to 20% category and Massachusetts and Hawaii have figures of less than 10% insured. With figures like that, you’d think a federal run system would be better, collecting a small amount of tax to pay for healthcare. It’s works in the UK because the government know that the majority of people, although paying for healthcare will never use it, or use it rarely! I fall into the latter category, I have to be dying to visit a doctor! I visit a doctor so infrequently that paying a monthly premium is a false economy.

While talking about stupid governmental decisions, under the latest budget in the UK, hot pastries such as the humble Cornish pasty will be subject to 20% tax, raising the price of an average pasty by 50 pence. What’s even more stupid is that it depends on the ambient temperature outside, for example, if the temperature outside is 90°F then hot pastries would not be taxable but in the winter when the temperature will be more like 40°F, it will be taxable. It’s literally a seasonal tax if the Guardian article is correct! Thanks to Phil for pointing out this ridiculously stupid tax!

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