Experiencing my first tornado!

Last night, at roughly 10:30pm, an EF3 tornado rolled through Wichita throwing debris at houses and apartments on either side of the road. The debris included a chair from who knows where, which came crashing through a glass door of the clubhouse in the apartment complex where we live as the power went out while people were still making their way down to the work out room which doubles as a storm shelter. It really didn’t seem that bad while in the shelter, to be honest it seemed like nothing happened, didn’t hear much wind or debris crashing into buildings and cars.

When it was all over and done with, we ventured outside but obviously we couldn’t see too much as it was dark, all the street lights were out and the true horrors of the tornado was hidden. In the morning the true damage could be seen, the complex where I live was fairly lucky, limited damage, a couple of cars had windows blown out, the aforementioned window in the clubhouse and some trim and siding ripped off the buildings as well as tree’s being uprooted and snapped in two like twigs.

The apartment complex across the road was not so fortunate, one building had the roof peeled off like a banana, steel car ports twisted and an entire building was reduced to a pile of mangled wood and metal. The gas station about quarter of a mile away was completely trashed according to reports, the whole area has been cordoned off by police. The local electrical sub station was also housed at the same location which explains why the power went out the instant the twister hit!

The basement/storm shelter where we were during the Tornado needs some work, it was hot as hell as the electric was out, so no air conditioning, no emergency lights, so we could only see because some residents brought torches with them. The emergency exit signs were not illuninated, which is illegal in the state of Kansas and of course completely negates them even being there. But ultimately it did it’s job, it protected the people in there, so can’t complain too much really!

Personally we were lucky, both our cars avoided any damage and our apartment and it’s contents were untouched, the tree’s directly outside weren’t so lucky, being snapped in two. I had visions of coming home to a tree branch in my living room, the trees are very close to the buildings!

See the photo’s that I took this morning of the damage caused by the twister.

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