GMail: Hacked!

I logged onto my computer and checked my Gmail account as I do every morning and I got a message saying that I need to input my phone number to confirm my identity as there has been suspicious activity on my account. So I input my phone number to receive a code to re-activate my account, Google already have my phone number because I have an Android phone. I input the code and it forces me to reset my password, not once, but twice, the password is now super secure!

I’m baffled that I have been hacked now; I have used the same password since I created the account back in September 2004 and don’t use that password for anything else. Where did the vulnerability come from? Is it something on my android phone or tablet, no-one knew the password, not even my wife! It just goes to show that no matter how careful you are; you can still be vulnerable, just as well Google were on the ball and locked the account before more damage was done, only one spam Email was sent, which fortunately was a dead address and bounced back to me!

In other related tech stuff, for people using webforms on their sites using cPanel based hosting, and all your Email’s come from username@serverhostname.ext; this is because on cPanel hosts, the $from parameter needs to be a valid Email address set-up in cPanel, thanks to Nathan at BlueHost for that information, on my previous hosts I could setup a catchall @ Email address so all addresses worked, sadly BlueHost does not support catchall addresses, which I can live with!

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