Moving virtual home!

I have signed up to BlueHost for my webhosting and this blog has already been transferred thanks to already being held at a separate registrar, so the transfer took about two hours as a nameserver change is all that was required. the new server is much more responsive and so far hasn’t gone down, but it’s only been twelve hours. There was an odd problem with my .htaccess file, which had some code to switch the old 1&1 server into php5 mode, something that wasn’t needed on the new server as it defaults to php5; the net result was that php wasn’t being parsed! But I am now worried about the transfer of the my two TLD domains, an Email should have been sent to me as the admin contact but I haven’t received it, so transferring could be troublesome, I’m awaiting an Email from 123-Reg to shed some light on the procedure should I not receive the authorisation!

I received the reply from 123-Reg and I get the feeling it was a cut and paste response, basically just told me to wait 24 to 48 for the Email to be delivered. And all this time I was thinking that Email was supposed to be an instantaneous medium?!?! Just before I started the transfer process I changed the registrant, admin and tech contacts to reflect my Email address as 1&1 Internet USA had setup private registrations for those two domains. Which makes me think that the authorisation Email was sent to the 1&1 provided masked Email address instead on my registered Email address. As long as I get the domain’s transferred before the 12th May, I won’t be charged for another six months of piss poor 1and1 Internet USA service, I have changed the nameservers for the gTLD’s to use the BlueHost nameservers and take advantage of the HUGE speed increase!

You know what’s more frustrating, I almost signed up with BlueHost when I moved to the United States, but elected to stick with 1&1 Internet as I had used their European counterpart for several years and never had a reason to contact technical support with the exception of restoring a backup, although that was my screw up, not theirs! The reason I changed from 1&1 Europe is because it as quite expensive given the exchange rate, of course I made the assumption that the USA equivalent would be equally as good, I couldn’t have been more wrong, poor server uptime and response times; often close to one second response times, poor and derogatory customer service, I complained and seemingly nothing was done to address these issues, so the net result is that I have moved to another host, which is actually a little cheaper and offers better customer service (in the USA), for example I tweeted that I have changed hosting companies and someone from BlueHost actually replied saying “welcome to the family”, which was a nice touch I feel!

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