Trapped: Escape from Kansas!

In recent weeks, my wife has been offered interviews for two jobs in the Bentonville area of Arkansas but she was unable to attend either interview because of logistical reasons, having kids means that it’s not easy to get to interviews 300 miles way, and my wife is unable to drive long distances on her own, about 30 – 50 miles is her limit as she tends to fall asleep at the wheel!

This means for her to attend any interview in Arkansas I have drive her the 280 miles to Bentonville/Rogers, which isn’t a problem as I enjoy road-trips but it means we have to take Conner out of school for the day and leave early in the morning to be able to get to there and back at a sensible time, It’s about a nine hour round trip, plus two hours in Bentonville for the interview and to grab something to eat, not to mention the $100 in fuel it takes to get to Arkansas and back!

My wife’s first interview got cancelled because they wanted to interview on Friday and have her start on Monday, which wasn’t feasible given that she has to give two weeks notice in her current job and moving home over a weekend is impossible. My wife’s second interview was cancelled because we didn’t want to pull Conner out of school as he misses enough school through therapy sessions and appointments, we didn’t have anyone that could drop off and pick up Conner at school.

We found out that then company she was due to interview wirh doesn’t allow rabbits in the apartments, but does allow cats and dogs upto 15 pounds, go figure. Also we would have to live onsite in an apartment that was 700 sq ft for at least a couple of months, that’s 300 sq ft less than what we have now, two adults, a seven year old and a two year old can not fit in 700 sq ft comfortably! And like Kansas, I am getting no response from applications for jobs in Arkansas!

It just feels like we are trapped here in Kansas, we absolutely despise it here, it is the dullest place on the planet, there is so little to do, and what there is to do; is so damn expensive, they even charge $15 for museums and art galleries here in Wichita, not to mention the lack of culture!

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