Disappointing attitude from Liverpool & Dalglish!

Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish yesterday said “the performance and the attitude was very poor” after Liverpool were defeated by Fulham at Anfield, and today it comes out that cup competition is more important than the league, Dalglish said “there’s satisfaction from winning a cup that you don’t get from finishing fifth in the league.” – a piss poor attitude to have in my opinion!

First of all, let’s tackle the piss poor effort on the field, for which Dalglish said he has to take part of the blame. Too right, with an attitude that the league isn’t as important as winning cups; that attitude will filter down to the players and they won’t put in 100% in league games when the big cup game is coming up! One goal separated the teams and that was scored by Liverpool’s Martin Skrtel who’s attempted clearance flew into the back of his own net as keeper Doni watched on.

Liverpool had plenty of shots on goal but yet again couldn’t hit a barn door from six feet out, which has been the story of the season! I say cut the players wages to minimum wage and give them goal bonuses, they’ll play better when there is money on the line, given the disgraceful performance in the Fulham game, I would sack the whole fucking squad, playing like that; they don’t deserve to wear an Liverpool crest on their chest! Which is compounded by the manager’s poor attitude towards league football, just like Benitez who’s was obsessed with the Champions League at the cost of league form! Dalglish’s obsession is domestic cups, to hell with the league and Europe!

I know that what I am about to say will get a negative reaction but maybe it’s time for Dalglish to depart from Anfield to bring in someone that can focus on all competitions? With the amount of talent in the Liverpool squad, eighth in the league is disgraceful. I wonder how long John W Henry will tolerate such poor league form, top four finishes in the league should be a given for a team like Liverpool! Hell, local Merseyside rivals Everton are above the Reds on a fraction of the budget!

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