The Great Escape (from the kids)

From 10am Thursday morning until 7pm Sunday evening, my wife and I were officially child free, the mother-in-law and aunt took the kids over the extended weekend while we took an effective honeymoon in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, making sure we made maximum use of our alone time. It’s the first time we have been on vacation alone since we got married, we did go to Arkansas last May but we were tied up with our friends wedding most of the time, so weren’t really alone much!

Much of the first day was taken up by the six hour drive from Wichita to Arlington, arriving at the hotel about 5pm, before going out for a meal at Pappadeaux Seafood Restaurant, which was very good, great service and food and my wife got the Swamp-Thing she had been craving! A little later, we met up with Erin’s friends, Jenice and Maria to hit up some bars, firstly JR Bentley’s, followed by Sunshine Bar and finally Ozzie Rabbit Lodge before getting back to the hotel at 3am.

On day two, we grabbed breakfast from the free buffet in the hotel before heading into Fort Worth and the Botanical Gardens, more specifically the Japanese Garden, which was worth every penny of the $4 entrance fee. I took a whole bunch of photos, which can be found on my Facebook profile. Later we visited the Kimble Art Museum, where we believe we got a little food poisoning in their cafe. In the evening we went to Deep Ellum, Dallas for something to eat at Buzzbrews Kitchen before retiring to the hotel early feeling tired and a little sick, suspected food poisoning from the Kimble, the feeling of unsettled stomach didn’t leave us until we got back to Wichita.

On day three, we visited the Scarborough Fair renaissance festival, which was about 50 minutes drive outside of Dallas. It’s not something that I’m very interested in, but it was an experience I’ve never had before. We went for my wife and her friend Natalie but I did enjoy the falconry and the jousting, photo’s can be found on my Facebook page. In the evening, we went back to Deep Ellum with Erin’s friend Jenice for another try, my wife got another ear piercing and we went to the Black Swan Saloon, which was an odd experience, the only beer they had was in 330ml cans, and were charging $4 for said cans. We stayed there until 2am before retiring back to the hotel.

Then it was back to Wichita the next day, our little adventure in Dallas, Arlington and Fort Worth was over, although we did stop at the Chickasaw Cultural Center in mid Oklahoma, which was very well done, I was expecting some teepees but it was a well built complex with a theatre, an indoor forest and an exhibit of native American history, well worth the diversion from the I-35!

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