Hamilton becomes seventh Grand Prix winner of 2012!

Lewis Hamilton won the Canadian Grand Prix from second on the grid; having to overtake Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso in the final 10 laps because Vettel and Alonso were attempting to one stop, while McLaren two stopped Hamilton. Lotus’ Roman Grosjean and Saubers’ Sergio Perez were drivers of the race for me; finishing in second and third place respectively, both drove calculated races, maintaining pace while looking after their tyres to be there at the end on the podium with a one stop strategy; proving Pirelli rubber is still a massive factor seven races in the 2012 season!

Ferrari’s gamble on a one stop strategy didn’t work out for Alonso; dropping from the lead back to fifth place in seven laps, being overtaken by Vettel who stopped for fresh rubber on lap 64 after falling behind the hard charging Hamilton. Mercedes’ Nico Rosberg finished one place lower than where he started, losing a place to Perez after going deep into the final chicane in an attempt to pass Felipe Massa’s Ferrari on lap 57; Perez followed Massa into turn one passing the German!

Red Bull’s Mark Webber, Lotus’ Kimi Raikkonen, Sauber’s Kamui Kobayashi and Ferrari’s Felipe Massa took the chequered in 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th places respectively. Most disappointing of those four was Massa, who had a chance of being in the top six if it weren’t for his spin into turn two. I get the feeling that Raikkonen is losing interest in racing in F1, every time I see him interviewed, he looks increasingly disinterested as he was again beaten by his team mate Grosjean!

Biggest disappointment of all for me is Jenson Button, finishing in a lowly 16th place after starting from 10th place, what a contrast to last year in Canada, a race which the Briton won from last place after being on the wrong tyres. I have vehemently defended Button this season; but I can no longer defend him; Button has only scored 20 points in the six races since his victory at the season opener in Melbourne; to finish 15 places behind your team mate is unacceptable at any level of motorsport!

Michael Schumacher retired his Mercedes after his DRS system failed, leaving the rear wing flap wide open on lap 45, which is very dangerous at a high speed circuit like the Circuit du Gilles Villeneuve; and above all breaks F1’s rules, so would have been black flagged if he stayed out.

Jacques Villeneuve was one of the pundits for Sky Sports this weekend and I actually agree with what he was saying; which isn’t often the case. He was talking about the fast degrading tyres, DRS and KERS, artificial aids that make overtaking easier but as Villeneuve pointed out, drivers, instead of overtaking into the hairpin, wait until after the hairpin to get the benefit of DRS into the final chicane! In my opinion, I believe that DRS makes overtaking like overaking on a motorway; the move is over and done with before reaching the corner, that’s not exciting racing, that’s fake overtaking!

Lewis Hamilton moves up from fourth place to top the drivers title table, two points ahead of Fernando Alonso, Sebastian Vettel is a further point adrift, while Jenson Button drops another place to eighth behind Romain Grosjean. Unless Button can start claiming wins and podiums, he can forget winning the drivers title and will definitely become the #2 driver in the McLaren camp!

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