More crazy Kansas drivers!

In the last few days; I have seem some amazing displays of bad driving; I am an aggressive driver, but there is a difference between aggressive and plain dangerous driving! Yesterday I was driving out to pick up my son from summer camp, which is about 40 miles east of Wichita, on a single lane carriageway, a driver of a silver Nissan Ultima (with two kids in the back) decided to overtake me while I was traveling at almost 70mph, then cut in front of me and braked heavily to make a turn off the main road; forcing me to brake heavily. That idiot is lucky that my car has good ABS brakes, in my previous car, I would have locked up and ploughed straight into the back of them! Then today, an idiot in a white Honda was weaving in and out of traffic, accelerating and braking hard, cut in front of me missing the front of my car by half a foot, damn idiots should be banned!

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