Relocated! but the new house looks like a bomb has hit it!

We have completed our move to our new home for the most part; we still need to pick up a few things from the old apartment and clean before handing the keys back to the property office. I discovered that I am not in as good a shape as what I was the last time I moved back in 2007, although the 100°F heat doesn’t help stamina, but got it done with the aid of gallons of water!!

I took care of my electronics, moving it separately in the SUV and I am happy that I did given the damage on our furniture, nothing a touch up pen won’t fix but still annoying. Anyone that knows me will know that electronics are my forte; and hate having damage on my expensive toys.

I’ll never allow family members to help us move again; Erin’s cousin helped but he was insistent on taking everything apart; it would fit through doorways and in the moving company truck just fine so I don’t see the logic of taking things apart unnecessarily. I didn’t get to bed until 4am because as well are trying to organise stuff, I had to build a crib, a single bed and a king size bed on top of building newly purchased furniture! Next time I’ll use an insured professional moving company, I really don’t need the stress!

I have most of the electronic and kitchen set-up, but the house looks like a bomb has hit it; I didn’t realise how much stuff we had; we could have been more organised in our packing in preparation for the move but with two kids at home, it’s tough to get much done when you have a two year old taking stuff out of boxes as quick as you can put it in; but the moving ordeal is almost over!

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