9/11: a government conspiracy?

In the last week I have been watching a number of conspiracy programmes about 9/11 on Netflix such as “Loose Change 9/11: An American Coup” and “9/11: In Plane Site” and it tells a very convincing story about why the United States Government under the guidance of former president George W Bush manufactured the whole 9/11 terrorist act to erode Americans civil rights and further America’s interests overseas via “the war on terror”. Using the fear created by the Sept 11 2001 attacks to push bills such as the PATRIOT act through congress within a matter of hours!

Let’s start with the Pentagon attack; American Airlines Flight 77 was reported to have flown into the side of the Pentagon; but there is no physical evidence of a Boeing 767 ever hitting the building; the video stills showing an explosion at the Pentagon shows no evidence of a commercial airliner crashing into the building. The biggest issue with the official story is the complete lack of any wreckage from a plane and the hole in the side of the pentagon is not at all consistent with a Boeing 767 crashing into the building; all information that was suppressed by the mainstream press!

Moving onto the World Trade Center in New York; video evidence and witness statements shows that the two Boeing 757’s that was reported to have crashed into the north and south towers appear to be a military version of the the Boeing 757, painted grey with additional attachments to the underside of the fuselage. There was a small explosion a second before the planes hit the towers, which can be clearly seen on footage of both planes hitting the World Trade Center south and north towers. There’s also video/eyewitness evidence that the twin towers and building seven were brought down by multiple explosions like a controlled demolition, which takes weeks to set up! And again; there is no wreckage from the planes that hit the towers; and all the possible evidence was taken away from government agents and never examined! This stinks of a government cover up!

And finally; United Airlines Flight 93 which crashed into a field near Shanksville, Pennsylvania en-route to the White House. A commercial airliner crashes into a field and yet there is no signs of any major parts of the fuselage or engines anywhere to be seem; which is completely inconsistent with other similar crashes of similar planes. Boeing 767’s don’t disintegrate into next to nothing on impact with the ground; what happened to the indestructible black box that each plane carries?

The reason why the United States government would perpetrate such a heinous crime against it’s own people? To create a climate of fear to allow laws to pass which strip Americans of their civil liberties and to allow a war on terror to be commenced; which all have taken place in oil rich countries; does that sound like a coincidence to you? Watch the programmes linked at the top of this blog and decide for yourself; the evidence given is very powerful; if nothing else, it should make you think and question what your country is doing to your rights! The programmes also points out the similarities between Hitler and Bush’s agenda’s 60 year apart; history repeating itself!

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