Behind the times…

I have been trying to source a copy of Deborah Harkness’ “Shadow of Night” audiobook in mp3 format; I have found the paperback, hardback, e-book and CD audiobook but can not find the novel in mp3 format anywhere. The book isn’t released until Tuesday 10th July but if all other formats are available; you’d think that there would be a mp3 formatted version available for download on release day? I perplexed by the lack of digital download for books on release; given that mp3 downloads account for a large percentage of all audio sold these days. I am slowly converting all my media into digital form for instant access and availability; so I would rather just purchase the book in mp3 or AAC format so I don’t have to mess around with converting a newly purchased audiobook into mp3 so my wife can use it on her Android device; we don’t even have a dedicated CD player any more, who why would I want two dozen CD’s delivered, only to spend several hours converting it!

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