Even the emergency services are trying to get me killed!

Today, literally 10 minutes ago; I was waiting at a red light in the left turn lane at Kellogg & Greenwich here in Wichita. When a ambulance came up behind me, lights and sirens blaring, nothing unusual in that you might say but this ambulance driver kept on moving forward, forcing me into the intersection and oncoming cross traffic; one car narrowly missed the front of my car. Eventually I found a gap and got out of the way, which is what I was trying to do, but the other traffic which should have stopped didn’t allow for that, I’m not going to risk my life and the life of my kids moving into an intersection and getting T-boned by another vehicle, I should have let the ambulance rear end me, then sued the city and driver, cars are not always in a position to move out of the way!

While I’m on the subject of bad driving, while on my way out of pick up my son from camp; I slowed to let a car merge onto highway 400 from highway 96; instead of accelerating in front of me; the driver decided to slow down, then pull out; forcing me to brake further and then carried on at 35mph on a 60mph highway. Is the concept of merging into traffic such a difficult concept to master? or do they not teach merging into traffic in driving school? I know for a fact in the driving test, they don’t ask you to perform parallel parking, reversing around corners, hill starts or emergency stop; and like the UK, no highway/motorway driving in driving lessons or on the test!

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