A little bit of this, a little bit of that!

Just an update about various things that have happened in the past 72 hours. Starting with the resolution of a Paypal issue I had at the end of last week. The $290 that Paypal was holding onto to verify the transfer has now made it into my bank account, which will in turn be transferred into my savings account to replace the transfer from saving to cover a purchase which should have come from the $290 Paypal balance, it’s lucky I had money to transfer; else I would have been hit with a $32 bank charge and the purchase would have failed and I’d have missed a great eBay deal!

So, what’s the great eBay deal I got you might be asking? well a few months ago I purchased a Canon Rebel T3 DSLR camera with a 18 – 55mm IS II lens kit, which is a good lens, gives much improved shots over my previous camera, a Fuji Finepix S5500 but the focal length is lacking somewhat, being equivalent to only 3x zoom, while the Fuji had 10x zoom. So I bought myself a Canon 55mm – 250mm IS II lens to extend my zoom to almost 14x zoom across the two lens. The great deal is that I picked up this $300 lens for $172 with free shipping and no tax. I’m still awaiting delivery of the lens, it’s in Wichita according to tracking, but I doubt I’ll get it today.

Yesterday, our garbage disposal backed up, creating a cool whirlpool effect whenever we switched it on; see the YouTube video that I posted. Roto Rooter came out this morning and unclogged the sink with the aid of an extra long snake. But the bad news is that they advised us to not use the garbage disposal for anything other than the lightest of food waste because of the poor design of the plumbing in this property, which makes the disposal next to useless, having to scrape all the food into the trash before putting it in the sink, another problem we have found with this rental!

Other things of concern is the dining room window, which has water leaking inside the two panes of glass; but not leaking inside the property as yet, which also does not open and has 3mm gap which lets in warm air while letting out the cool air from the A/C vent under the window, which will in turn run up our electricity bill! Other things are really finish issues, looks like some of the work has been done by amateurs, cutting corners and even more amazing, whoever installed the dining room ceiling fan installed the fan blades upside down, showing the unfinished side of the blades. But overall, compared to many of the places we’ve looked at; it’s pretty good, the finish issues we can live with; but that window needs to be fixed for safety reasons and heating/cooling cost issues.

As I wrote previously, my wife has started a new job, which triggered our moving home and we are wondering whether it was a mistake. The new owners still haven’t taken ownership of the property three weeks after they were supposed to. The manager that hired my wife quit days before she started and the asst manager was promoted to manager. The new manager really seems to be completely out of her depth, not knowing Kansas housing law and even can’t figure up basic hourly rate from a yearly wage demand, it’s not rocket science, yearly wage divided by 52 weeks divided by 40 hours. Also my wife has many years of experience in the field, yet her hands are severely tied as she doesn’t have access to all systems and resources and no-one seems to want to train her in company procedures, not to mention this property are leasing apartments using an out of state lease, which isn’t valid on Kansas! Does it sound like the current manager should hold that position?

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