Canon EOS T3: Bad Unit or Poor Build Quality?

One week ago, I took my three month old Canon EOS Rebel T3 out of it’s bag where it had lived for a month and took some test shots, only to find dark blotches on the images. I took it down to my local camera shop and had the sensor cleaned, but there was still some dirt on the mirror/focusing screen which could not be cleaned. Bare in mind that before the month long stay in it’s bag, there was nothing on the sensor, mirror or focusing screen. Also given that the T3 was in a closed bag with the 18mm – 55mm lens attached and lens cap on, where did all the dirt and dust come from?

Today, while taking some random shots of some batteries, playing with depth of field; I hear a clunk and them something rattling inside the camera. I take off the lens to investigate what the rattling sound was, two pieces of metal and the focusing screen falls out onto the floor. Which probably has damaged the delicate mirror immediately below. So I call up Canon; and the customer service representative, Steve, walked me through the steps to send the camera back to Canon in Virginia, at least the customer service is good, if the build quality of their product is not!

So the question is; do I have a defective unit or is it general poor build quality that is at fault? As things stand; I am distinctly unimpressed with the Canon EOS Rebel T3, all I can say is that the manufacturer better fix it free of charge or replace it like for like; I don’t care which! I’m not paying Canon a penny after three months of ownership and spending out $536 for an upgrade of camera, maybe I should have just bought a newer “bridge” camera to replace my aging Fuji S5500.

Update [21st August 2012, 18:00]: I got my T3 back today, just 12 days after I sent it off to Canon for repair, impressive given the five shipping days and two weekends. Canon has replaced the focus screen, mirror and all mountings and the camera came back in mint condition, the same condition as it left in, but with focus screen replaced. I had read horror stories about cameras coming back from Canon Repair scuffed and scratched, so I am relieved to see it come back in perfect condition. So overall, top marks to Canon for fixing the issues free of charge with quick turn-around, just a shame it broke in the first place after just over three months of ownership.

2 thoughts on “Canon EOS T3: Bad Unit or Poor Build Quality?

  • Brian Hagerty
    September 9, 2013 at 09:54

    You described the problem exactly as it happened to me. They admit to this problem on the high end and will fix but neglect us. Let me know what happened.


  • As written in the update above, the camera was fixed free of charge and to this day has worked flawlessly. Annoying that it broke in the first place but Canon made it right!

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