Really, Subway?… brilliant customer service! [SARCASM]

Yesterday, just before 10pm after finishing my son’s birthday party at The Alley, my wife went to Subway opposite McDonalds on Harry & Webb in Wichita, KS. She pulled up to the drive-through ordering point and the woman on the intercom said “Welcome to Subway”, followed by “how many sandwiches do you need today?”; my wife said “four”; then came the response from the woman on the intercom; “you do realise that we close in two minutes…”. My wife just drove off; and I don’t blame her; although I’d have been sarcastic and went into the restaurant and wasted more of their time for being so f**king rude. It’s just another example of piss poor customer service from this backwards state. nine times out of 10; we’ll receive poor customer service, back home in the UK, that member of staff would have been fired for talking to a customer in that manner; they lost $30 of custom and they’ll lose even more custom as we’ll never visit that restaurant again.

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