Wife: The Phone Destroyer

I find this morning that my wife has badly cracked the touchscreen on her eight month old Samsung Galaxy Exhibit smartphone. I’m not even sure how the screen is still in one piece, let alone still working, I suspect that pieces will start falling out and the touchscreen will fail. My cellphone is a 1st generation Exhibit which is still in mint condition despite being double the age of my wife’s Exhibit II (later renamed Galaxy Exhibit). This is the fourth expensive phone my wife has broken.

First was a Samsung slider phone which I brought over from the UK, breaking the linkage between the two halves of the phone by dropping it so much. Then she broke a Sony Ericsson C902 by dropping it in the sink, and then broke a Nokia 5800, again by dropping it time and time again. Finally she broke the Galaxy Exhibit, guess the way it was broken? Yes… that’s right, it was dropped a million times, Samsung phones are pretty tough, yet my wife has broken two of them!

My wife is not getting another new smartphone, she’ll have to use the old $20 basic Nokia phone that we have knocking about the condo; at least until I get an upgrade of phone, then she can have my current Exhibit 4G. I refuse to keep paying for expensive phones when she consistently breaks them. In 15 years of cellphone ownership, I have only broken one phone, a Motorola ROKR, which fell out of my pocket into the dishwasher at work while cleaning it out at the end of the workday.

Update [17 Sept, 2012 @ 12:41]: I have received a tweet saying that I am very negative about my wife, so here is something positive, my wife made me some amazing chocolate chip cookies.

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