Desperately need a larger home!

Today I tripped over my laptop power cable, sending the laptop crashing to the floor, pulling the power supply input away from the casing; I managed to pop it back in but the side of the case doesn’t sit flush with the top anymore. Everything still works fine but it does annoy me that my month old laptop is damaged already. I do have a bit of OCD when it comes to my electronics, I hate having damage, even minor damage, I like my gadgets to be in mint condition. I’m trying to ignore the damage and just live with it, which is a challenge for me to say the least. This only happened because four of us are squeezed into a 950 square foot condo and we have rather chunky furniture.

3 thoughts on “Desperately need a larger home!

  • James Millard commented on December 10, 2012 at 09:08

    I don’t suppose you could just happen to notice the minor damage on the casing and see about getting a replacement. Maybe it was damaged in transit and you only just noticed, well within a year of the guarantee?

    Morally wrong? Yes
    Does the company you bought it from do immoral things? Most likely
    Do other consumers do this sort of thing? All the time…

    Doesn’t change the fact you need a larger place I know. Is accommodation as expensive as it is back home?

  • Trust me I have thought about that but I know that Best Buy wont accept returns after four weeks and this happened five weeks after purchase; and the guarantee doesn’t cover cosmetic damage; it only covers hardware failures, and the laptop works 100% fine!

    And yes; rentals are expensive here; for a decent 3 bedroom house, it’ll cost $900 – $1200.

  • James Millard commented on December 11, 2012 at 02:52

    Today that is about £560 – £745… insane but actually, believe it or not cheaper than 3 bedroom house rentals in Plymouth.

    After a quick look at the market they are between £650 – £1200 or $1045 – $1930. The lower end you might remember being those rather small properties in Southway. £650 is, unfortunately, more than half of my salary.

    Although it doesn’t apply to either of us as I have no children, it is hard times for single parents who wish to continue working.

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