Seventh game without a win, six defeats from seven games, disappointed!

Fourteen months again, Peter Reid was sacked by Plymouth Argyle (in administration) for a string of poor results; and now the Pilgrims find themselves in a similar position under Carl Fletcher with no sign of the manager being moved on, despite having a squad full of professionals unlike Peter Reid, who had a bunch of ‘kids’ after the club sold off or released 90% of their professional players.

Argyle have gone seven games without a win; suffering six defeats and one draw in that time period. We have to look back to October 20th for the last time that Argyle won a game. The net result of this huge slump in form is Argyle now sit precariously close to the relegation places in 19th, just two points away from Wycombe in 23rd place. In my view, the club and the fans have given Carl Fletcher a fair shake and as we suspected, a rookie manager is the wrong person to push the club forward, I firmly believe now is the time for change, turn our fortunes around before it’s too late!

Let’s take a brief look at the last two games in League Two, a 3 – 0 defeat away at Fleetwood and a 1 – 0 defeat away at Bradford. Starting with the game versus Fleetwood; what an f**king embarrassment; the Pilgrims completely failed to mark their men, allowing the home side to get into threatening positions and three times found the back of the net. To make things worse; Darren Purse was sent off for two yellow cards in less than a minute. There definitely weren’t any positives to take away from this game; there definitely are no excuses for this piss poor performance.

Moving onto the most recent game; the 1 – 0 defeat away at Bradford, Argyle never really looked like scoring a goal, while Gary Jones fired Stephen Darby’s cross into the back of the Argyle net, scoring the only goal of the game for the home side. The only positive I believe we can take from this is that we only conceded one goal instead of three. A month ago Argyle were comfortably in mid table and now we’re back on the relegation fight after six defeats from seven games!

There is a Twitter account proclaiming to be Argyle owner James Brent tweeting people saying “Carl has resigned”, which is clearly a fake account; as we’ve heard nothing official through news websites or for the official club website. At this point, I hope that Fletcher does do the decent thing and resign allowing for someone more experienced to come in and turn around our season before it’s too late to change the direction of our season! It’s not looking very hopeful for the Pilgrims right now!

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