Arming teachers is not the answer!

In the aftermath of the Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy; there has been a lot of talk about arming teachers in the public school system. First thing I will say is bringing more guns into the community is not the answer; there’s already too many guns; firearms have no place in schools in my view!

Firstly, where would the teachers keep the gun? if it’s kept locked away; then it won’t be accessible enough to be practical; and should it be kept close by; say in a drawer or hanging on a wall; it’s possible that the children could get hold of it and that would also end in disaster. The secondary issue is training, or more accurately, lack of training; if two trained police officers can shoot nine bystanders in New York; what damage will a civilian teacher do in a classroom full of a children?

A better solution would be to have two or more uniformed, armed security guards, who have extensive training in firearms use; one located near the main entrance; who would greet people approaching the door, ask for ID etc before being let into school, while another patrols the school. I hate to say this but with all the crazies out there; it’s needed to protect our children. Metal detectors should be installed on every entrance; doors should be kept locked between say 9:15am and 4pm, bullet proof glass and/or thick metal doors should be installed on all entrances/exits.

All this does cost money; but what financial figure can you put on a child’s life? In modern America; I don’t believe the school district does enough to protect our children! Unfortunately we can not rely on government to do the right thing, implementing much tighter gun controls; despite all the noises that President Obama is making; I have very little faith that anything will happen in government!

One thought on “Arming teachers is not the answer!

  • James Millard
    December 20, 2012 at 10:09

    I would like to add another reason or two why arming teachers is a bad idea

    Firstly I believe teachers are often role models to some children, particularly those with single parents. For example a boy with a single mother may find his male teacher(s) a good role model, someone they can potentially look to and take examples in taking the first steppes in becoming a man. This is a good thing until the said role model carries around a gun. Kids try hard to be like their parents and other adults, please don’t make them want to carry a firearm into school.

    Secondly I highly doubt the teachers themselves want anything to do with guns… since they have chosen a career in education, why on earth would a teacher want anything to do with firearms, I hope they have the final say on this issue.

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