Half my package of 200 CDs have been lost/stolen in transit from the UK!

How the package arrived from USPS, click on the image to enlargeA couple of weeks back my father sent a package of 200 compact discs and two Egyptian cotton bath towels via Mail Boxes Etc in Plymouth, UK; I picked up the package from the US Post Office on Corporate Hills Drive, Wichita, KS 67207 yesterday after missing delivery the previous day. Immediately I suspected something was wrong; the box seemed too light for 200 compact discs and two large bath towels, Upon getting home and opening the package; it was immediately obviously that there was nowhere near 200 compact discs in the box. I counted and the actual count was 81 CD’s and two towels; some 119 compact discs short of what the package originally contained; 119 compact discs can’t vanish into thin air; they didn’t evaporate!

I contacted Mail Boxes Etc and they confirmed that the box size was 36x55x36 cm and was double boxed (one box inside another); but the box I received was 41x41x32 cm with part of the original box containing the address and shipping label attached to the smaller box with US Postal Service tape.

So I have contacted the US Postal Service asking for the loss to be investigated and my missing items returned or equivalent compensation to be issued. Not that compensation would cover the almost $1600 loss; as a some of the compact discs are 20 years old and no longer available for purchase. Also the cost to my father to send these items was over £200 ($326). I’m not willing to let this go; it’s ridiculous that 60% of a package contents can simply vanish; whether it was the USPS or US border control; these people should not be allowed to get away with such incompetence/theft.

In addition to missing contents; what I did receive was damaged; 60% of the compact disc cases were either cracked or broken; which would suggest it has been dropped somewhere in transit.

This is not the first time that the USPS have screwed up with a package of mine; previously they delivered a $50 package to the wrong address; luckily the package eventually came back to me; the person who it was delivered to was honest, but that doesn’t make up for the USPS screw-up.

Update [Dec, 21 2012, 13:43]: I have heard back from the US Postal Service and they claim that the package was listed as damaged when boarding the plane to the US after being opened by UK customs. The US Postal Service recommended that I contact the sender and ask them to launch an investigation. So I have Emailed Mail Boxes Etc and requested they launch a complaint. Opening a package for security reasons is understandable; but damaging the box, contents and removing half the contents is completely illegal; in any country in the world; that is theft!
Update [Jan 7, 2013, 03:24]: Final update from me on this diabolical situation, I have gotten an Email back from Mail Boxes Etc saying that Parcel Force UK claim that it was not damaged before boarding the plane, contrary to what USPS claim. Parcel Force UK say I should take the package to USPS, Corporate Hills Drive to lodge a damaged package claim. BUT at this point, I’ve come to the conclusion that USPS and Parcel Force UK are going to play the blame game and nothing will be done. All I will say is that I will use neither service ever again, what a complete shambles.

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