Review: Logitech K400r Wireless Mini Keyboard/Trackpad Combo

Previously I used a Logitech MK700 wireless keyboard and mouse to control our media center HTPC; the MK700 worked well but was on the bulky side; dominating over half of our coffee table. While Xmas shopping in Walmart, I noticed the Logitech K400r mini keyboard/trackpad for $29.99; and decided to snap it up as there was only one remaining on the shelf; and overall I’m happy with it!

The combo measures only 14in (w) x 5 1/2in (d); featuring a full QUERTY keyboard; each key is about 90% of the size of a standard key with 3 1/2in trackpad with two buttons underneath to the right.

Logitech K400r

The keyboard feels good to the touch and is almost silent in operation; it’s easy to type fairly accurately despite the smaller key size. The trackpad is excellent; I normally don’t like trackpads; tap to click functionality is well weighted; I can use the trackpad without accidentally ‘tap’ clicking constantly like on my Toshiba Satellite laptop. The only downside is the trackpad buttons, which I think is too high up on the device; I expect the buttons to be near the bottom of the device. quietest keyboard

The wireless performance is excellent; I have experienced no drop out of signal; even when more than 12ft away from the computer it’s connected to; it was incredibly easy to set up; 100% plug and play; literally plugged it in and it was ready to use within 10 seconds, super easy installation!

Overall, I would rate the Logitech K400r very highly, the only downside is the odd placement of the trackpad buttons, but it’s something you could live with and adapt to using. It’s a great size for use with a media center PC and has quick access media control buttons; the F# keys are secondary; using the FN key activates the F# functionality and the excellent trackpad makes the K400r a winner!

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