Rogers aiming for a top two finish; but performances indicate otherwise!

Another disappointing result an Anfield this afternoon; Liverpool have only won three of the nine games to be held at Anfield and today’s game adds to the loss tally. I hear on Twitter from some people that we are not real fans if we talk about Brendan Rogers negatively; my reply to these people is; Kenny Dalglish was axed for similar results after just 18 months in charge; the issue is not the manager; the issue is Liverpool’s overall philosophy; there hasn’t been too much success despite having three managers in three years, are all three of those managers, bad managers?

I’m not calling for the head of Rogers but we have to acknowledge that something is wrong; Liverpool’s performances have been way below par; the calibre of players that Liverpool have in the squad should be bringing home much better results than has transpired, winning only one third of their home games is piss poor by anyone’s standards; the Reds are not a newly promoted Premier League team; we expect better. New managers every 18 months isn’t the answer to the problem.

Today’s result was embarrassing; Liverpool being beaten 1 – 3 by Aston Villa at Anfield. From what I have read and heard; Liverpool had a lot of the ball but failed to make it count in front of goal, which seems to have been the problem over the past few seasons. All that matters at the end of the day is scoring more goals that your opponents; something Liverpool have struggled with recently.

I remember watching Liverpool play fluid football, seemingly scoring goals at will; but recently that doesn’t seem to be the case, we don’t often see Liverpool winning games by two or more clear goals. Often we see Liverpool being defeated by league minnows; newly promoted teams, while the other ‘top’ teams beat the same minnows by a margin of three or four goals, let’s see how Rogers does with strengthening his squad in January; the second half of the season will be telling; I think a top two finish is very unrealistic; Rogers must realise that; if not he is incredibly deluded!

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