The Social Security Administration/SSI Saga: Resolved!

I have previously written about our five month battle with the Social Security Administration about our SSI benefits for our autistic son, Conner. A couple of weeks back, the SSA finally admitted that they screwed up, admitting that they counted our assets twice, which we pointed out numerous times. But not before we were forced to spend all of our savings trying to get under their limits.

Immediately before the SSA admitted fault; they sent us a letter denying our appeal against their claim that we owe almost $4000 because we didn’t provide any evidence to substantiate our case. But they didn’t ask for any evidence as we requested a hearing so we could present evidence in person at our local SSA office. Then, the next day, we were contacted shortly before having to attend a meeting to put forward our reasons why we couldn’t pay back the $4000 they claim we owed; admitting their mistake and that we wouldn’t need to attend the meeting the next day.

On December 3, 2012; we received $1,447.77, which accounts for the almost five months of missed SSI payments, which was perfect timing as it allowed us to buy some desperately needed clothing for the kids, given that Conner it growing like a weed and needs new clothes every couple of months. Then today, we received another $237.29, which will help with Xmas presents as we have exhausted our funds making up for the loss of our SSI benefits, at least we can have a nice Xmas now!

More good news came yesterday; I received my first paycheck from the contract that I recently signed to look after a local apartment community’s web presence, it may only be $300 pcm but after being out in the wilderness of unemployment for 2 1/2 years, it feels like a massive payday and more importantly makes me feel a lot better within myself, it’s tough being out of work for that long!

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