What I would give for a string of wins for Plymouth Argyle!

I don’t want to be all doom and gloom but things aren’t looking good at Home Park; the last four games have brought three points; three draws and a loss; the club captain has been transfer listed and manager, Carl Fletcher has said that if a big offer comes in; he’ll sell his best young players. I understand that the budget is tight but selling your best youngsters is not the recipe for success!

I could talk about the individual games but it’s the same story for all four games; Argyle’s problems are still related to not having an out and out goalscorer; someone that can hit the target on a regular basis; defensively the Pilgrims are adequate for League 2; as often Argyle only lose by one goal or draw games; sadly this won’t change as Argyle are more likely to shed the decent players and bring in cheaper less talented replacements; James Brent needs to get his chequebook out!

I’m not suggesting spending millions on new players; but spending more than what comes from the shop and gate receipts. Which is limited right now as people don’t want to spend out their hard earned cash in this tough financial times to see their beloved team draw and lose most home games.

I also think bringing in a more experienced manager and dare I say it; an experienced director of football would improve Argyle’s fortunes. Don’t get me wrong; Carl Fletcher did a great job guiding Argyle to league survival last season; but I just don’t see him ever guiding Argyle to promotion.

Twenty-five games into the season and Argyle have scored 24 points and sit just five points and three places ahead of Bristol Rovers in 23rd place, the lack of money and the lack of experience in management are more likely to cause relegation than promotion. I simply don’t have faith that Fletcher and Larrieu have the skills to push Argyle forward, I just don’t feel positive about Argyle!

People can claim that I am not a real fan all they want; but I believe my comments are valid and I express these feelings because I hate seeing my home town club becoming also rans; just a few seasons ago we were in the top six in the Championship; now we are in the bottom six of League 2.

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