Kansas sperm donor pursued by state authorities for child support!

A Kansas man who answered a Craigslist advert for a sperm donor by a lesbian couple is now being pursued by Kansas state authorities for child support despite signing an agreement with the couple saying that he has no obligation to support the child. The Lesbian couple have now separated and a claim for Medicaid was filed by the mother; which meant that the donor’s name had to be disclosed.

The situation arose because of the claim for Medicaid but the root of the issue is; because the ‘donation’ was not made in a hospital or a clinic; the state of Kansas does not recognize the donation; because there is no official paper trail; despite a signed contract between the lesbian couple and the donor existing; which is huge pile of bull manure in my view, it’s political BS!

The mother or her former partner are not claiming that the donor has any responsibility; but the state is overruling their wishes because the mother has claimed over $6,000 in Medicaid benefits. The reason I claim it’s political is that Kansas recently voted down a bill to allow same sex marriage.

Given the cost of IVF; $3,000 each attempt; it’s not surprising that many people using DIY IVF methods; $29.99 from Amazon for a ‘home insemination kit’ is a much more viable option given that IVF often fails a number of times before being successful; at $3,000 each time; it gets costly!

I believe that unless specifically asked; a child support case should not be launched; a civil agreement should not be overruled by state government. In the state of Kansas; only a percentage of support paid makes it to the payee to support the child; this figure is usually less than 50% I gather from what my wife has told me from her dealings with people suffering this corrupt system!

2 thoughts on “Kansas sperm donor pursued by state authorities for child support!

  • James Millard
    January 5, 2013 at 10:12

    $3000 for an IVF attempt seems relatively cheap compared to cost in the UK. According to the NHS website on average some £5000 is required, which right now is over $8100!

    My employer and his wife were able to get a single attempt for free on the NHS after meeting various criteria and jumping through hoops first, some of which are mentioned in the NHS article linked above.

    As you may know Jason with regards to a lesbian couple and donor insemination it’s relatively straight forward as long as they are in a civil partnership – they are both automatically legally responsible parents of the child / children.

    I wonder what the situation is in the UK if the couple are not in a civil partnership and the non-birth mother does not adopt. I highly doubt the government would pursue the man who donated the sperm though… that is just madness.

    I think the Kansas ex-couple should have gone to a clinic using an anonymous donor where the sperm would have been screened for STI’s and other things. Surely this is cheaper than IVF treatment? Or is there no such thing of a fertility clinic in the US?

  • I don’t know the situation with fertility clinics here in Kansas, thankfully we’ve had no issues conceiving, so haven’t had to research the issue. I got my information from the article I read on The Huffington Post website; see link in first paragraph!

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