My 2006 Saturn Vue won’t start this morning!

This morning I went out to the car as normal, strapped the kids in the car and tried to start the car and instead of the sound of the V6 firing up; the CD ejected from the CD player, a loud stuttering sound came from the speaker system and all the internal lights flashed erratically. I’m hoping for the best case scenario, a flat or bad battery; although I’ll need to wait until my wife gets home as the jumper cables are in our second car that my wife drives to work. I have everything crossed that it’s not an alternator problem; we have no spare funds to get that fixed right now! I am hopeful though as I went out and switched the electrics on without attempting to turn over the starter motor and it showed the same symptoms which would indicate a lack of power in the battery.

Update [Jan, 21 2013, 11:50]: Thankfully the issue was just a flat battery and nothing else; jump started the car and apart from a few electrical glitches on the first drive after jump starting, it’s fine now the battery has been fully charged by the alternator; my wallet let out a sigh of relief!

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