What the hell is going on with Craigslist?

Over the past few weeks, Craigslist have been making changes to their live site which has been massively detrimental to the functionality of the website. For example if you happen to post a HTML template and use the Craigslist/Bing map feature without uploading images, the map is overlaid over the top right of the HTML, hiding some of the HTML content; assuming that Craigslist allows you to post without phone verification. Which is buggy to say the least; I tried to post today and it came up with the phone verification dialogue; I duly inputted my number which had been used previously for this account and nothing, no text, no call either. So I sent a message to Craigslist and I got a canned response which doesn’t help me in the slightest. I’m not sure whether I will get a human response or not; the canned response doesn’t state whether I will be contacted again or not.

I understand that Craigslist are attempting to cut down on spam, especially with all the millions of dodgy rent to own listings popping up all over Craigslist; but the changes are having a negative effect on the service in my view. I wasn’t even posting something new; I was editing a posting to reflect changes in circumstances since the original posting which was made on behalf of my client.

Clearly Craigslist haven’t heard the term “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

Update [Jan, 29 2013, 11:07]: It’s coming upto 48 hours since I contacted Craigslist and still no human response; I’m guessing that Craigslist just don’t care about customer service. I have just created another account using a different Email address; fortunately I have access to multiple Email accounts with the ability to create new Email addresses at will, but that’s not the point!
Update [Jan, 31 2013, 20:34]: I finally got a human response, five days after submitting the ticket; and basically they ignored what I said completely and blamed me. Claiming that I had already assigned the number to another account; which isn’t the case; I only had one account; and the number was assigned to the account which I was attempting to verify (for a third time).

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