Snow, Snow Everywhere, but No School Anywhere!

Over the past seven days, my son has been at home with me as school has been closed for some reason or another, last Monday was Presidents Day, then Tuesday it was school inservice day. Wednesday he was back at school, but only for half day as there was school conferences Wednesday, Thursday and Friday afternoon. Then about 90 minutes before we were due to attend our parent/teacher conference, we receive a phone call from the district coordinator saying that conferences were cancelled; and the next two days were also snow days, so no school for my son.

A photo of the snow at 6:45am Thursday morning.

I was hoping to be able to send my son to school tomorrow, Monday, but instead we receive another phone call from the district coordinator saying that school will be closed tomorrow because more snow is expected during Monday and overnight into Tuesday, so we can safely assume that Tuesday will also be a snow day. There will be a whole bunch of days to make up at the end of the school year the way things are going! Of course my son is ecstatic about no school for another day but he is in for a shock; he isn’t going to spend another day playing video games, he can do some education stuff on the iPad instead! Just because he isn’t at school doesn’t mean he can’t be educated!

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