FedEx, what the hell?

On Thursday I ordered $90 worth of tech from and had it overnighted to me at a cost of $25. On Friday, I am sat in my living room with clear sight of the front door and I watch the FedEx delivery guy drop the package on my doorstep and walk back to his van and drive off. He didn’t knock on the door, no attempt was made to collect a signature. The tracking says no signature was required but surely if something is important enough to be overnighed then it should require a signature? What would have happened if I wasn’t home, anyone could have picked up the package and it would have been gone forever. Of course FedEx take no responsibility; they just say that I should have taken out insurance. Business morals in the damn country are abysmal, this is exactly why I prefer to go to a store and buy what I want, carriers really don’t care about your goods!

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