A room full of monkeys could do a better job than the SSA!

So here’s another installment of the long running saga with Social Security and our son’s Supplementary Security Income. I’m not going to go in depth here because you can read the back story by clicking here, I’m not going to waste my time rehashing old news. Basically the SSA have screwed up the wages reported; they claim that we have an income of $4,143.29 plus child support of $551.55, the child support is correct but our collective income amounts to more like $2,100, we have no bloody idea where they pluck these figures from, clearly they must be pulling it out of their collective asses. So now we have to appeal again and receive a bunch of letters demanding money for overpayment and probably get no SSI benefits for our son and be under the threat of losing his Medicaid benefits which covers his medical bills and therapy sessions, no wonder I’m going grey!

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